Craft Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

May 4, 2016

Looking to keep the kids busy while you enjoy  your margaritas this coming Cinco de Mayo? Check out these fun and colorful crafts that will get everyone in the mood  to celebrate. Easter Egg Maracas *Warning: the noise made from this craft may require you to consume multiple margaritas* Supplies: Plastic Easter eggs Plastic spoons […]

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Earth Day Crafts

April 20, 2016

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 to show support in protecting Mother Earth environmentally.  Since its beginning in 1970, this movement has grown with numbers topping 200 million people on the worldwide stage.  We need to protect our planet to preserve this great land for our children, their children and future […]

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Fun Crafts For Your Child’s Science Fair Project

Thumbnail image for Fun Crafts For Your Child’s Science Fair Project September 2, 2015

If your son/daughter is looking for a fun Science Fair idea then why not introduce them to the classics! You can’t go wrong with a model Volcano or the Potato Powered Clock. Science Fairs are not just about winning awards and ribbons- help your child develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning and being creative. […]

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Father’s Day Crafts

Thumbnail image for Father’s Day Crafts June 3, 2015

Sure it is easy for mom to go out and by dad a tie for Father’s Day, but what’s the fun in that. It is important for children to know they play apart in important days such as this one. Dad’s do so much for their kids. Creating a handcrafted gift for dad means more […]

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Quick & Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

Thumbnail image for Quick & Simple Easter Crafts for Kids April 3, 2015

Easter is hopping along and on its way. I really like to set aside time to do crafting projects with my little ones. Here are a few simple and quick ways to get in the spirit of the holiday. PEEPS! – My absolute favorite guilty pleasure candy. Try decorating a cake with bunnies all along […]

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Crafts Kids Can Make For Their Pets

Thumbnail image for Crafts Kids Can Make For Their Pets February 17, 2015

Are you ever looking for a new and fun craft that the kids can create on a rainy day or just on a Sunday afternoon? How about making something for your pet?! Our four-legged friends are just as much of a family member as our two-legged, so why not include them in some fun projects. […]

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Thumbnail image for Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids February 3, 2015

     Keeping the kids away from too much TV or video games takes a little initiative on our part. Creating a fun alternate activity can be a challenge easily overcome by some imagination. After the holidays when it’s cold or snowy I like to set up the “craft” table. Covering the dining room table with an […]

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Snow Days Can Be Fun With Winter Crafts

Thumbnail image for Snow Days Can Be Fun With Winter Crafts January 2, 2015

What to do on a snowy day? The kids can only play outside so long before their noses turns red and their finger tips freeze, and being inside in the cozy warmth seems like the right idea to everyone. Keep the kids happy, and hopefully on the quiet side, with some fun winter crafts! Hot cocoa with marshmallows […]

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Christmas Crafts that are Fun for the Whole Family

Thumbnail image for Christmas Crafts that are Fun for the Whole Family November 21, 2014

During the holiday season so much focus is put on shopping and presents, but the best memories of the holidays are always the times spent together as a family. Make some special memories this year by taking the time to create fun Christmas crafts that the whole family can enjoy! Pine Cone Christmas Tree For […]

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Fun Food Crafts

Thumbnail image for Fun Food Crafts October 7, 2014

We were always taught,“Don’t play with your food!” I say have fun and eat it too. I twirl my tiny umbrella in my fancy drinks and poke my tiny plastic sword into my mashed potatoes. How much more fun would it be to get to play with your whole meal? Here are a few idea’s […]

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