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Best 5 Dog Breeds To Have Around Children

August 3, 2016

So your kids have been bugging you for what seems like forever to get a dog. You’ve put it off for as long as you could, but now it’s finally that time. Dogs can be great for kids: they’re a source of unconditional love and they help teach your kids about responsibility and taking care […]

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Easy Tips To Baby-Proof Your Home

February 17, 2016

Baby proofing your home might seem like a difficult task, but it truly is not with some simple planning! We all want our little loved ones to be safe; here are some easy tips to baby-proof your home. Secure all televisions/large electronic devices Who doesn’t have a flat screen TV these days? We are placing […]

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Bucket List – 10 things to do before you grow up

January 6, 2016

Age is just a number, as the old saying goes. I’m older than eighteen, but I never feel that way in my head. And, if my body is cooperating, sometimes I even feel like a kid! We all have things we wish we’d have done before… before marriage, before kids and playdates, before business trips […]

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