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Creative Themes for Your Annual Family Christmas Card

November 30, 2016

For years, I dragged my kids to the local photo shop. They sat in front of the painted background of a tree or snowman in their fancy Christmas outfits and were forced to smile for the camera.  Have you ever done this exhausting activity?  From all the cards I receive, I would say many of […]

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Birth Announcement Photo Ideas to Show off Your Newborn

August 31, 2016

The birth of your baby is such a special time in a parent’s life.  Sharing this time has become so much easier with technology.  Between mailing birth announcements and posting pictures on social media, it is much easier to spread the great news. I have come across so many great birth announcement photo ideas.  I […]

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Wedding Planning – Fun Couple Picture Ideas

March 2, 2016

When my boyfriend and I took the leap and decided to get engaged, I did not want to go with the traditional announcement poses.  We are known as the kooky couple who is always do something out of the ordinary.  Some may even say weird.  I wanted a photo that truly represented our style.  I […]

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Photo Ideas for a Family Christmas Photo

December 8, 2015

My family and I love to come up with witty and imaginative Christmas family photos each year. We usually throw around ideas throughout the year and vote on which one it’s going to be. Here are a few concepts we have come across that we would like to try. Traditional – We dress alike down […]

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Photo Ideas for an iPhone Photo Case

October 14, 2015

iPhone photo cases are fun and can give your phone a brand new look! Here are 3 great photo ideas for an iPhone photo case. Phones are basically glued to us everywhere we go. Life is busy and it’s easy for us to lose sight of the people we love and cherish most. What better […]

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Beautiful Ways to Save Your Family Memories (Keepsakes, Picture Frames and Memory Books)

Thumbnail image for Beautiful Ways to Save Your Family Memories (Keepsakes, Picture Frames and Memory Books) June 24, 2015

Here is the big debate…How do you save your old photographs? Old school vs new technology. Ask at least five people this question and I guarantee their answer is CD’s, DVD’s or on a flash drive. I do agree it is fine to have backup of your memories, but eventually this machinery will be obsolete. […]

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Best Places to Put Your Favorite Photos

Thumbnail image for Best Places to Put Your Favorite Photos January 2, 2015

With the holiday season behind us, we all have a bunch of photos we took that we are just dying to show off! The easiest way is to upload them to an online photo service or to get them printed and put them in a photo album. However, what if I told you there are so […]

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Best Ways to Show Off Your Family Photos

Thumbnail image for Best Ways to Show Off Your Family Photos July 15, 2014

Snap a photo of your wonderful family, place it in a picture frame, stand it up on the table. Done, right? Sure, a traditional picture frame will do the job, but there are so many other fun options for displaying photos of your loved ones. Here are some of the best ways to show off […]

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Fun Ideas for Baby Birthday Photo Invitations

Thumbnail image for Fun Ideas for Baby Birthday Photo Invitations July 8, 2014

The amount of pictures I have on my computer is ridiculous. I can’t help myself when my baby is just so darn cute. I seem to capture every facial expression, movement and yawn. Picking out a picture for his birthday photo invitations is going to be so hard. I have a few ideas of how […]

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Our Favorite Creative Baby Photo Ideas

September 20, 2013

Everyone loves themed photos. What’s cuter than themed photos? Themed photos with babies in them! Here are some of our favorite ways to be creative when it comes to taking those special (and sometimes funny) shots. 1. Lay your child on the ground and have fun making a scene; out in the park (get green […]

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