Throwing a Christmas Party While on a Budget

by Emma W.R. on December 22, 2015

With the holidays approaching, it is time to start planning your yearly Christmas party.  This year, my finances are not really cooperating so it was time to work on throwing another fantastic party while on a budget. Starting right at the beginning with invitations, I knew this would be easy way to cut costs.  I […]


Game Ideas for Kids at a Christmas Party

by Emma W.R. on December 18, 2015

Party! Party! Party!  Doesn’t have the same meaning as it did ten years ago, does it?  Remember the days when you were hosting a Christmas party and the only worry was what drinks and appetizers you would serve?  Now, you have the added responsibility as the host is figure out how to keep the kids […]


Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

by Emma W.R. on December 15, 2015

You would think that buying a gift for the man you spend your days and nights with would be easy, but this is something I struggle with every Christmas.  My husband works hard all year long to provide the kids and me with a great life.  I want his Christmas gift to be something special […]


Christmas Crafts – DIY Christmas Ornaments

by Emma W.R. on December 11, 2015

There is nothing more that I like better than getting my kids involved and doing fun Do It Yourself projects.  What better time that at Christmas when you have the ability to display your wonderful DIY Christmas ornaments all around your house. The first one I thought to share with you is making ornaments out […]


Photo Ideas for a Family Christmas Photo

by Emma W.R. on December 8, 2015

My family and I love to come up with witty and imaginative Christmas family photos each year. We usually throw around ideas throughout the year and vote on which one it’s going to be. Here are a few concepts we have come across that we would like to try. Traditional – We dress alike down […]


Decorating Tips for a Christmas Tree

by Emma W.R. on December 4, 2015

Decorating our Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the season.  The kids, my husband and I look forward to this evening.  We make the most of it with fun finger foods followed by hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and cookies.  The radio is tuned to Christmas carols so we can all sing […]


Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Parents

by Emma W.R. on December 1, 2015

We all love our parents and would love to be able to just drop by the mall and pick up that perfect gift for them but let’s face it.  Finding a Christmas gift for your parents can be harder than anything else you have had to do all year long. I love the idea of […]


Aunt Marie’s Famous Banana Bread

by Emma W.R. on November 25, 2015

I am bananas for bananas. Okay, so maybe that isn’t so funny, but the truth is you can always find bananas hanging on my banana tree. I have gotten in the habit of letting 2 or 3 go past the point of delicious to very ripe. Wanna know why? My Aunt Marie gave me her […]


Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

by Emma W.R. on November 18, 2015

Fall Leaf Centerpiece Materials Needed: thin fallen branches scissors twine variety of fall-colored, double-sided scrapbook paper pencil hot glue gun and glue sticks gold glitter spray vessel or vase of your choice Directions: Gather thin branches from your backyard; remove any attached leaves then coat them with gold glitter spray. Print out a leaf template […]


Teaching your kids to say “Please” and “Thank You” is not just teaching them manners but is also a way to teach them respect and how to get along better with others.  It is important to start teaching them manners from the very start.  Teaching them to say “Please” is showing them the best way to […]