10 Camping Activities You Must Try

by Emma W.R. on June 22, 2016

It has become a tradition in my family to go on our yearly camping trip. Summer is upon us and it is time to get outdoors. My kids love to get their hands dirty and learn some great life skills. My husband and I love to “unplug” from the daily busy world and just be around nature. We do like to repeat certain traditions, but I also try to come up with new ideas to keep the kids amused. Here are a few really fun activities you have to attempt on your next camping excursion.


  1. Swedish Fire Torch

Begin by splitting a log with either a chainsaw or basic axe. Make sure to leave solid wood at the bottom. Stuff pieces of newspaper down into the slats and light. This will become your stove for cooking amazing campfire meals.


  1. Fire starter hack

I do believe starting a fire is a great survival skill to teach your children. Just make sure it is safe, contained and supervised. One amazing hack I have found is stuffing dryer lint into a cardboard tube. It works as an easy and quick fire starter.


  1. Milk Jug as a Light

It’s as simple as it sounds. Fill a gallon jug with water and attach a headlamp around the base. It will give off a glow to light up any area. Grab a pack of playing cards and teach the kids a game.4

  1. Star Gazing

Toss a blanket down, gather the kids and lay back under the stars. Bring binoculars or a small telescope to really zone in on constellations and stars.

  1. Glow in the dark Ring Toss Game

A simple and inexpensive way to light up the night and have fun family time. When you’re finished playing, you can always stuff the sticks or rings into an empty water bottle for an easy made lantern.


  1. Hiking/Nature Walk

This is a wonderful way to spend the day getting both exercise and learning about nature. Make it into a game. Draw up a list of things to look for and have the kids find these items along the way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • a pinecone
  • a rock shaped like a heart
  • animal tracks
  • a bird’s nest
  • a mushroom
  • different color flowers
  • a feather
  • a worm, frog or squirrel

You can also bring along a pair of binoculars and take a shot at birdwatching. A book or printout of the various types of birds in the area to look for can be very helpful.

  1. Canoeing/Kayaking/Fishing

Enjoy a lazy lake journey in a canoe or amp it up in rapids with a kayak ride. You can always bring along a fishing pole to try and catch dinner.


  1. Campfire Desserts

Of course we always bring smores, but I wanted to try a few more fun treats. Give these a go next time you start the fire.

Orange Muffin

  • Oranges
  • 1 box Blueberry muffin mix
  • ¾ cup Milk, ¼ cup Vegetable Oil and 2 Large eggs pre-mixed in a container

Cut oranges in half and carefully scoop out the inside. Mix ingredients and fill one half of the orange peel with batter. Put other half on top and wrap with aluminum foil. Toss into the campfire and turn every minute or so for 5 minutes until baked. Enjoy with a spoon.

Banana Boats

  • Slit the banana along horizontally
  • Add any combination of toppings. I like butterscotch and reese’s pieces.
  • Wrap the banana in foil and place on the grill. Let the toppings get nice and melted.
  • Enjoy with a spoon and add a scoop of ice cream for a yummy indulgence.


  1. Catching Fireflies

An entertaining way to bring in the evening is by catching lightning bugs. I remember doing this as a little girl and it was so much fun. Use a jar or container to put them in, but be sure to poke holes in the top.

  1. Geocaching

A fairly new modern day activity is called Geocaching. It’s basically a treasure-hunt but with up-to-date technology. Using a GPS and a set of coordinates, you and your family can look for a cache of buried rewards hidden in an eco-friendly vessel. Check out geocaching.com to find one near you.


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Mina October 31, 2016 at 2:51 pm

Those are some interesting campfire desserts. I really like these ideas. I’ve never been camping before, so I’ll keep these in mind for whenever I go.


Hanson Seel October 12, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Love the firestarters, imam have saving my dryer lint!


Jacqueline C September 27, 2016 at 9:34 am

I recently went on my first camping trip and it was an amazing experience! I am really happy to see all these tips. The Swedish Fire Torch was my favorite!!


Inga July 28, 2016 at 3:19 pm

I love a Swedish torch fire. We did that all the time camping when I was a kid.


Damien July 25, 2016 at 1:05 pm

I’ve never heard of geocaching before. Who even knew that was a thing?


Carmen July 19, 2016 at 12:52 pm

The only camping I would try is not camping. I need AC and running water!


Eli July 5, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Although I like the outdoors (yardwork, golf, etc.), I am not at all a camper. Many years ago during a camping trip, I accidentally set fire to the canopy we–not me, but my buddies–had set up at our campsite. Another time, while fishing (not something I normally do) in a rock-laden stream, I ripped apart a beautiful pair of hip boots that had been loaned to me. Not good experiences! I realized that the perfect idea of a camping excursion consists of staying in an air-conditioned Best Western or Hampton Inn, lounging by the pool, and having drinks and a nice fish dinner at a seafood restaurant.


Lindsey June 28, 2016 at 2:16 pm

GeoCaching sounds like a lot of fun.. I’ll have to check it out!


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