Christmas Wreath Keepsake Ornament

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Baby's first Christmas is a joyful occasion for any family. Frame your favorite picture from this special day with this wreath ornament that beautifully expresses this part of baby's first year.

  • Made of bronzed metal featuring a dimensional wreath design and a "My 1st" keepsake charm
  • Comes in a round tin with a see-through lid
  • 4 1/2 sq


Customer Reviews:

Teresa J.
I bought these photo ornaments for the grandparents this year but they were so nice I had to buy 2 for myself. Made very nice and the photo looks really nice, not too small. Very nice products in your line. I'll be back. Thank You.
Gwen B.
So happy with this. Great quality - it should last until our son grows up and hangs it on his own tree. Buying a 2nd one in case we decide to grow our family.
Roya N.
I bought six of these to send to our immediate family. I love the gold wreath with my little one inside. It is like I'm sending her with a ribbon on top.
H. H.
What a great item. I can't wait to give it out for Christmas.

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