Paper Dots iPhone 6 Plus ColorStrong Slim-Pro Case

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Take personalizing your device into your own hands. Combine style and protection with the Slim-Pro case that uses state-of-the-art technology, allowing the design to wrap over the entire case.

  • Durable, hard shell case is perfectly designed to fit your phone
  • Ultra lightweight protection from daily use, dirt and dings
  • Vivid Print Technology delivers brilliant colors and razor sharp graphics all the way to the edges
  • Case features a high gloss, fade resistant finish
  • Complete access to all ports - will not interfere with other accessories


Customer Reviews:

Daniela R.
Bought this case as a gift for my mom with a picture of my daughter in it. She is happy with the case and it has held up well in the first few weeks of using it and she really puts it through a lot. So far so good!

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