Chalkboard Love iPhone 6 Plus ColorStrong Slim-Pro Case

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Take personalizing your device into your own hands. Combine style and protection with the Slim-Pro case that uses state-of-the-art technology, allowing the design to wrap over the entire case.

  • Durable, hard shell case is perfectly designed to fit your phone
  • Ultra lightweight protection from daily use, dirt and dings
  • Vivid Print Technology delivers brilliant colors and razor sharp graphics all the way to the edges
  • Case features a high gloss, fade resistant finish
  • Complete access to all ports - will not interfere with other accessories


Customer Reviews:

Michelle W.
This is just what I needed, it fit my phone perfectly and is very durable. I dropped it a million times already and no scuffs and my phone is ok.
very cute case.someone in customer service helped me and she was great. I don't remember her name, but wanted to say thank you!!

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