Very Grateful Bat Mitzvah Thank You Cards


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Card Size: 5" x 7"
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Customer Reviews:

Pamela G.
My mom said I could write this review. I love my Bat Mitzvah Thank You cards. They almost look hand-made. You used all my favorite colors. It was such an important day and choosing this beautiful card proves that I am on my way to making adult decisions. I really "Love" this card!
Lisa K.
Overall, the card is nice, but I would have liked some more room to write in a note to each person we sent them to. I did like being able to showcase such a large photo of my daughter though.
MaryBeth L.
Since you can edit the text so easily, we used this for our daughter's 11th birthday party thank yous. She was more than eager to send them out. thanks!
Gayle T.
We liked the simplicity of these and since they're so easy to customize, we ended up using them for our daughter's pool party thank you's. Appreciate the quick delivery.

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