Sweetest Tidings Christmas Photo Cards

Card C5EDIC2

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Card Size: 7" x 5"
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Customer Reviews:

Lauren C.
Sweet and simple! Like the fonts on this card. Final outcome was perfect!
Sharon S.
Very satisfied with how my cards look. Very nice quality
Valerie L.
I am very happy with how my card turned out. You can chose from a lot of different fonts for your signature line which is really great, but I wound up using the one shown. The paper is nice and looks more expensive than what they cost.
Gale R.
The red and white design on this card makes me think of candy canes! It was easy to upload a pic of our little ones - love that the big horizontal photo box allowed for all 3 without having to crowd them in! We went with the matte paper and this really did turn out to be a 'sweet' as we hoped. Thank you!

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