Little Ducks Birth Announcement Cards

Card M23DAB3

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Card Size: 5-1/2" x 7-7/8"
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: as low as $1.07 ?

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Customer Reviews:

Rita T.
Cute cute cute! I practically squealed when I opened up the box and saw how BEAUTIFUL the cards turned out. Everything about this card is perfect - the round frame for the photo, the delicate pattern, the soft green, the ducks. GREAT job Cherishables!!!
Richelle W.
I didn't want to use the traditional blue for boy color, so this was perfect. They were very easy to create and I received them fast.
Josie C.
Didn't want an all pink card (believe me it is hard to find) - thanks for offering so many great options. This is such a nice color and design. The little illustration in the corner is cute too!
Amanda F.
Love the style. Just wish the photo spot was larger.

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