Dinosaur Invite Photo Kid Party Invitations

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Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/2"
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Customer Reviews:

Tara J.
Dinosaurs are very popular with my daughter. It is tough finding dinosaur cards that aren't totally geared towards boys. This one was a good option for her.
Clarissa  J.
Of course my son loves dinosaurs but I loved creating this card even more! Chose the white printing at first but it didn't pop out. I switched to the dark green print using the "primitive" looking Tiki Hut font and it looked awesome. Inside, I typed driving directions to the party location along with other helpful info. The return address with my son's name on it was cute and an added bonus. Great customized invitation at a great price!
Bobbi C.
My 4 year old loves everything dinosaurs. These invites worked perfectly with our Field Station: Dinosaur party! Thanks!
Lynn E.
This dinosaur invitation made my son very happy. The kids still talk about it in his class. Very cute and very good price too. Thanks

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