New Adventures Graduation Announcement Photo Cards

Card U72DAG1

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Card Size: 5-1/2" x 7-7/8"
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: as low as $1.07 ?

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Customer Reviews:

John L.
Florals are not my thing but really liked how the black on white looks. Very Nice!
Fiona J.
I thought selecting a card that both my daughter and I agreed on to announce her accomplishments would be a disaster. This card made the decision quite easy with the dual photos, the elegant black and delicate details.
Sara B.
My daughter was very pleased with her announcement. I think it's the black & white that adds a touch of class to the card. I don't think it would be so using another color. You have a wonderful assortment of cards to choose from. We are very picky when we buy and this order made us very happy. Thank you. My first time ordering a photo card in years. It looks great!
Claudia U.
My daughter's favorite color is black and the elegance and maturity of this card won her over for her high school graduation announcements. Her best friend was jealous! I liked the nature feel of it and the swirling design - it actually suited both of us, which has been a rare thing over the years. It was eye-catching and both strong and feminine, which we really liked.

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