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Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/2"
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Customer Reviews:

Dave G.
I'm so happy we found this Save the Date card, as it's perfect for our destination wedding in Italy!
Natalie G.
I love the image of the plane because most of my family are in the South and I'm in the North so this is perfect to advise them the date so they can start planning even before the receive the actual invitation.
Marley K.
I'm getting married in Australia next summer. Since the destination is so far I wanted to get my save the date out very early for anyone wanting to make the long trip. This card is soooo adorable - planes and hearts - perfect! They came in quickly and I was able to get them out right away.
Jesse L.
We couldn't find a more perfect card. My husband to be is a pilot and we have chosen this soft green as our color theme.

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