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Card W13DAW1

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Card Size: 5-1/2" x 7-7/8"
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: as low as $1.07 ?

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Customer Reviews:

MaryEl R.
After reading the reviews, we decided to upload our photo for this design. The white background is great but what we really loved is that you can totally customize the color of all the text to perfectly fit your photo. Ours is exactly what we wanted. Thanks so much!
Gina S.
My husband and I had a very casual picture we wanted to use for our announcements so we wanted a very basic card so this on really fit the bill.
Linda S.
I wouldn't have chose this style of card originally bc I wanted something. Fancy but when I saw how it would make my picture stand out above everything else, I decided to go with the one. The pic is the most important part.
Katie S.
We needed a card has a big enough spot for our picture but has room for us to write a hand written personal message without ruining the look of the card. This was it! Simple, clean and with different fonts for the info, our plan to add hand written message is going to work great!

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