Pink Photo Thank You Cards

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Card Size: 5-1/2" x 7-7/8"
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: as low as $1.07 ?

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Customer Reviews:

Casey T.
I just love this card! Sending thank you cards is something I insist on with my little ones. I love the versatility this card offers when designing it AND the fact that the picture is a small size, so it does not scream at those you are thanking. The pink color is perfect for my little princess!
Margie S.
This was a wonderful Thank you card for my little princess!!! The quality is superb!!!
Stephanie R.
How could we resist this for our beautiful little princess who lives and breathes pink? She couldn't be happier with her thank you notes with her own "crowned" picture on them. Great design-thanks!
Sharon F.
This card is such a great idea. We wrote our own letter to everyone. Great amount of space to write. It's like personal stationery. My daughter just loved it. I would order this card again and again. Please keep it in the line. Very creative collection of cards!Thanks.

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