Flowers on Plaid Kid Birthday Party Invitations

Card Y44DAI2

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Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/2"
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Customer Reviews:

Marina K.
Perfect card for our perfect girl. The green border with the flowers is in the corners are a simple touch that keeps it feminine and little girlish. The different size print and bright colors are a great points.
Melinda  F.
My niece's birthday invites just arrived, and this was the design my sister chose! I thought it was so cute and "girly". The little flowers on the border are just too cute!
Monica F.
My friend sent this out for her daughter's birthday party invite - I thought it was so cute. The colors and design are so playful.
Heather R.
I would like to see more of the picture on this photo card and less wording. Some of the printing is too large; ie the word TWO could be just a bit smaller. Perhaps a different font and/or one in italics would be appropriate.

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