Let's Eat Adult Party Invitations

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Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/2"
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Customer Reviews:

Carolina E.
Very nice product! My invitations were stunning and the design was so nice for our housewarming dinner party. Green is my favorite color!
Vanessa W.
When we moved into a new home, I ordered these photo cards to let everyone know we moved and to invite them over for dinner. I just felt rather than calling everyone, this would be the easiest and most efficient way to send the invites. Everyone made a comment to me on how nice they were.
Cara S.
Thanks for having such creative cards in your line. I used this for an invitation to invite people to my home to taste my new cheesecake and desert line. Photos of the food came out great. Ordered 50 invites, price is good too. Very Nice job overall.
Sami P.
As a newly married couple, we will be hosting our first dinner party. This invite is great with the theme in the plate and our picture along side it.

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